Corporate Name SEDICK Corporation
Address 713 Terawaki-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref., Japan
Tel +81-53-442-5211
FAX +81-53-442-1490
Capital 45,000,000yen
Company land site 3,936m2
Building 3,012m2
Main Banks Shizuoka Bank Hamamatsu / Shinkin Bank / Shoko Chukin Bank
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1933/09 Founded as Seidensha Company in the city of Hamamatsu. Its first business was sales and repair of electric motors.
1956/08 It was later reorganized as Seidensha Joint Stock Company.
1964/09 It built a factory in Tekko Danchi, one of the industrial parks in Hamamatsu, moved operations there and began the design and manufacture of production facilities.
1965/01 Accepted an order from Japan National Railways Hamamatsu factory for repair work on Shinkansen railway cars.
1971/03 Acquired license for manufacture of overhead cranes (up to 50 tons) and commenced manufacture of cargo handling equipment.
1972/04 Built new machine plant and assembly plant.
1972/07 Shinya Toru appointed as representative partner.
1977/09 Commenced development and sales of the MAGVEYER™ accumulation roller conveyor.
1981/04 Started use of machine tool equipment including machining centers and commenced sales and manufacture of automated assembly modular conveyors.
1983/01 Developed and marketed the automated pneumatic handling chuck, HISEFLER.™
1985/05 Developed and commenced sales of the extrusion mold aluminum frame conveyor.
1988/10 Started supply of company products overseas.
1990/10 Reorganized company into SEDICK Corporation, appointed Minoru Osawa as company president and constructed new company premises.
1992/10 Developed and marketed an aluminum frame friction roller conveyor system.
1997/03 Designated a small-medium-enterprise creative enterprise promotional support business; Developed a gyro robot.
2000/03 Acquired a manufacturing permit from the Shizuoka Labor Standards Office for 4-unit-type windup system for hoist-type overhead cranes and bridging cranes.>
2002/10 Supplied automotive engine firing test benches to overseas customers.
2004/10 Developed a friction type large-size turntable.
2007/12 Developed a friction trolley assembly line.