An accumulation conveyor for light-weight loads
A friction plate (drive ring) mounted on a drive sprocket and a custom resin friction plate (yoke) built onto the roller side are pushed up against each other by a spring.
Stopping the product items on the rollers causes the both friction plates to slip each other due to the conveyance load so that the rollers stop turning. Cancelling the slip causes the rollers to start tuning again and move the product items.
Using the torque adjust knob on the roller shaft to adjust the spring pressure on the friction plate sets a suitable drive torque at a minimum line pressure.
Size Table units: mm
Roller nominal dimensions W A Weight
300 402 1.0Kg
400 502 1.2Kg
500 602 1.4Kg
600 702 1.6Kg
700 802 1.8Kg
800 902 2.0Kg
Unit Specifications
No. Name Material Process and Standards
1 Sprocket Nylon66 JIS#40-11 teeth
2 Driving ring SS400 -
3 Spring - -
4 Torque adjuster knob - -
5 Yoke Polyethylene -
6 Roller STKM-11A 1.4t
7 Frame SS400 90~30~3.2t
8 Roller chain - JIS#40
9 Chain rail SS400 1500L()
10 Chain cover SS400 1500L()
11 Shaft SS400 -
12 Bearing - -
13 Collar SS400 -
14 Return rail Polyethylene 6201ZZ
The operator can freely set the torque to match a 5 to 20 kg item on the conveyor by using the torque adjuster knob to vary the pressure of the spring built into the roller interior. The bottom of the item on the conveyor shall be flat and consists of wood, steel, resin or that will not warp under its own weight.
Examples of pitch selection
Torque adjuster knob First turn Second turn Third turn Fourth turn
Conveyance load QOKg PTKg POKg TKg
The roller pitch shall be selected, provided that four or more rollers including free rollers always contact the bottom of the product item (The roller pitch is basically a multiple of 75 mm or 100 mm so is 75, 100, 150, 200, 225, 300 mm and so on). The friction coefficient of the item on the conveyor varies with the material and shape, etc. Please consult with us if changes in the torque adjustment range are needed.

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