AlumiFrame #60  (Top roller chain)
(Top roller chain with jam prevention)
Ideal for a wide range of heavy-load applications
●Improved load capability by using thick-walled aluminum frame.
●Employing a top roller chain allows wider inner conveyor dimensions versus pallet width. Makes it easier to install various instruments or the like.
●Using a jam-prevention chain prevents parts from falling off the assembly line.

●Basic specifications
Chains JIS#60 double pitch top roller chain
Electric motors Geared motor
Frame High-precision aluminum extruded mold parts (anodized)
Length Basic module optional sizes 1 - 10 m
Width Pallet width + 68 mm
Height Min. 160 mm (conveyance level)
Speed Max. 15 m/min
Load Max. 400 kg/m
※We also fabricated chains with plastic roller specifications.

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